Benue Hills

If you’re familiar with Benue state, you’ll recognize it’s peculiarly hilly landscape. Some might say “ugh, hills!” in disgust (especially if you’ve seen that horror flick ‘The Hills Have Eyes’), but if you look closer you see that it’s a major tourist attraction because, well, climbing!

Benue State is packed to the rafters with hills, each just ripe for the picking. There’s Ushogbo Hills found in Ushogbo town that’s just a sumptuous area with literally such pleasant weather you grow younger just by breathing in the air there. It’s every picnicker’s dream spot to lay that amazing spread on that checkered cloth. Then there’s Bassa Hills with its awe-inspiring scenery, talk about Views from Bassa. Ikyogen Hills (our favorite because it rhymes with, well, oxygen) is surrounded by such luscious green vegetation that you’d think you were in the garden of Eden. Swern Hills is a cultural gem that reflects the history of the Tiv People. What more could you ask for? Let’s get climbing!


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