Bogobiri House Ikoyi

Situated at the higher ends of Ikoyi’s Awolowo Road.

Named after the ancient birthplace of Uthman dan Fodio, a city known for its scholarly and artistic knowledge (which is said to have spread like wildfire through Northern Nigeria). This boutique hotel owned by Nimbus Art Gallery only has 16 rooms and is something of an exhibition in itself.

The décor of the hotel and the restaurant is stunning dotted with paintings and sculptures from local Nigerian artists around the country and offer a pleasant escape from the bustle and hustle of Lagos.

This hotspot is best known for celebrating, well, none other than Lagos nightlife. A unique location that gifts it’s visitors the opportunity to experience the best of Africa with its offerings in art and tastebud appeasing cuisine. Spoken word performances, a plethora of musical offerings across multiple genres like jazz, highlife, and afrobeat, Bogobiri leaves you gasping for more with every breathtaking visit. What’s more, the rental services provide an ideal location for hosting those life moments that matter.





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