If you’re looking for a serene and lovely environment to have a decent meal in a central location but still away from the hustle and bustle, burgers and shakes is the right one for you.

Located right across Polaris bank on Adeniran Ogunsanya street, not very far from surulere mall, this small but nicely cut out restaurant offers amazing, mouth watering food options ranging from burgers, to hot dogs, chips and fries as well as milk shakes and smoothies just as the name implies.

Burgers and shakes isn’t just a good place for you and your clique to hang out and have a nice meal after the week’s stress, its also a good place to for you if you’re working from home and live around that axis.
On weekdays, it is relatively empty and noise free.
The aesthetics will help you think creatively and keep you focused on your work.

So when next you catch yourself on Adeniran Ogunsanya and you need somewhere to eat and chill, alone or with your friends or you need a serene noise free place to work on a project be sure to check out Burgers and Shakes and you’d be glad you did.


– Demilade

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