General Questions

To buy event tickets on Tickets trolley, you have to select an event you are interested in from the home page or the “All events” page; this will take you to the Event page.

On the Event page, click on “Book now” then select the ticket type or class and the number of tickets you wish to purchase. To increase the number of tickets click/press on the plus sign(+), also to reduce the number of tickets click/press on the minus sign(-). Then input your “Discount code” if any and submit.

On the “Checkout Page”, input the ticket receiver’s details (ensure the details are correct). Select your preferred payment option and click on “Submit” to make your purchase.

Once the payment process is completed, your ticket with unique barcode will be sent to the provided email address immediately

Kindly contact the customer support for booking and table reservation.

Kindly check the website for the list of upcoming events, time and venue.

Kindly use any of the payment methods on the website to pay for your order. Be rest assured that the payment gateways are highly secured.

Kindly contact the customer support. 

Refunds are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled.

Refunds should be received within 7-10 business days after confirmation.

Manage Event

To create and sell event tickets on, you need to have an account on our website.

1. Create a new account as a vendor or Sign in into an existing account;
2. Click on the “Create Event” tab on your dashboard;
3. Enter Event details;
4. Review your event details;
5. Click on the “Submit Event” button to submit your new event;

Enter the following details about your Event

EVENT NAME: Enter the name of the event,
EVENT DESCRIPTION: Enter a brief description of what the event is about,
EVENT TIME & DATE: Enter event start/end time and date,
EVENT IMAGE: Upload event featured image and banner,
EVENT TAG: Select an appropriate event tag for your event.
VENUE DETAILS: Add your venue name,
ORGANISER’S DETAILS: Fill in the event organiser details (Name, bank details, social media accounts, website and phone numbers) under “My Profile” tab,
EVENT COST: Leave this field blank if the event is for free, but for paid events enter the appropriate amount. Please note, if your event has more than one ticket type/class, kindly create different ticket types and label appropriately.

EVENT CATEGORY: Select an appropriate category for your event

Your event will be published immediately after review and approval

Creating a listing to sell your tickets is always free. However, when your tickets are sold, a service fee is collected from the total selling price of your tickets. During the setup process you’ll be able to view all of the details before finalizing your ticket listing.

Access your profile with the username and password created. Click on “manage event” under the “Event listing” tab to view details of sales.

Click on “Tickets” under the “Manage event” tab to view and export attendees details such as Customer name, ticket type, seat number (If any), address, unique QR code, date of purchase etc. 

We charge organizers a flat rate of 8% for every transaction and it’s capped at ₦4,000 i.e you’ll not pay more than ₦4,000 for any transaction. This fee is applied on only events with paid tickets and it includes our debit/credit card processing fee, publicity fee, labour costs and other expenses associated with ticket transactions.

You can request for payout anytime by contacting the customer support. You’ll need to set your bank account details on your profile. Transfers would be made directly to your bank account within 12hours (after verifying your identity and event). Each payout request costs ₦52.50 regardless of how much you are requesting for. Without verification, payouts can only be requested 12hours after your event.

No!!! Free events with free tickets are absolutely freeee. The processing fee applies on paid tickets only.

Yes. All you need to do is include 8% of the ticket price on the amount to be paid by attendees i.e. The price of a 1,000 Naira ticket will become 1,080 Naira.

Yes. A unique link will be automatically generated for you after creating your event. The link can be shared across for publicity. 

Yes. Tickets trolley can be used for both PAID and FREE events.

Yes. We have the seat option which can be easily customized for seat reservation while creating your event tickets.

Our dedicated support team will be available to attend to all issues 24/7. As your ticket hotline, we can deal with all the calls from your customers requesting information about start times, dress codes etc leaving you free to concentrate on your event.

We ask that you include our logo and site link on your flyers, banners or adverts which can be downloaded below.

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