Ikogosi Warm Spring

The place where warm and cold meet and still maintain their respective temperatures is definitely  a wonder of the world. As if that’s not enough, the unique lush scenery created by the vegetation and tree canopy give an eccentric environment that’s to die for.

The volume of water coming from the springs remains constant and warm from morning till evening. This resort centre has over time asserted itself as one of the finest tourist destinations in Nigeria. Also, there are two kinds of trees growing from the same source at the meeting point of the warm and cold springs. This symbolizes unity, harmony and oneness. A tour guide would be available to take you around when you arrive at this place.

Side attractions? Tall trees, hilly landscapes, swimming pool and a resort center that boasts one of the best receptions tourism can offer. There is simply no bad vibe from Ikogosi.

Located in Ondo state, there is no place warmer in the South west region of Nigeria.

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