*drum roll*

Rock of agesssss, cleft for meeeeee…..

Okay, so we got a little carried away there, but then again it’s impossible not to be when you’re talking about Olumo Rock!

Initially serving as a place of refuge for the people of Egba land in times of war, this gigantic rock formation puts a new meaning to ‘solid foundation’.

Who says you can’t learn and have fun at the same time? With guides armed to the teeth with facts and figures about the Rock’s history, there is sure to be a lot of eye popping moments. And if that doesn’t trip you so much, the aerial view of Abeokuta (everything about this place really is themed after rocks and stones) from the top of the rock will knock your socks off, so be sure to come with an extra pair. Side attractions? A mini museum, the experience and thrill of hiking for workout buffs, aesthetic views of Abeokuta, as well as the best the state of Ogun can offer in arts, crafts and everything in between. And if you’re feeling up to it, you could visit the Cathedral Church of St. Peter; the very first church in Nigeria. So. Much. Greatness.


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