Rufus & Bee

O ye game lovers, gather here let’s take a selfie (oops, I can’t find my selfie stick), tired day after work, place to chill and drink, that naughty child that wants to play, your boyfriend who loves sport and car racing than his girlfriend or even your girlfriend who thinks she can dance to save herself. Whether you fall in the category or not, let me take you on a walk to Rufus & Bee (R & Bee). R n B is a Nigerian flagship store of a chain of super fun centres that combines a great dining and an extensive assortment of arcade entertainment for adults and families. Among the games are Dancing challenge, Balling challenge, Table smashing, Virtual Car Racing, Bowling etc.. So when you think of games, crazy fun and a place you can be yourself, think Rufus and Bee situated at Twin water, Lekki, Lagos.

Kindly hold enough cash o, that’s my two cents for you.



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